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Conservatism and Non-traditional Leadership in Rotuma(1963) Download PDF
In this paper I make the case that not only are non-traditional leaders prone to accept traditional Rotuman culture patterns, but that in some ways they actively foster conservatism beyond the ostensible desires of the traditional leaders, the chiefs.

Plasticity, Achievement and Adaptation in Developing Economies (1966) Download PDF
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the differential adaptations of Rotumans and Fijians to the
urbanized market economy introduced by the British under colonial administration. Evidence is presented indicating that the Rotumans have been more successful than their Fijian counterparts. Possible explanations are examined and an attempt is made at formulation of a general theory to account for the differential success of various indigenous peoples in adapting to developing economies.

Rotuman District Chief: A Study in Changing Patterns of Authority (1966) Download PDF
This paper concerns changes in the role of district chief in Rotuma that have taken place as a consequence of European acculturation and colonial administration.

The Resurgence of Rivalry in Post-Colonial Rotuma (1989) Download PDF
The subject of this essay is the changes that have taken place in the political system of Rotuma from the pre-colonial period, through the period of British colonial hegemony, to the post-colonial era.

Symbols of Power and the Politics of Impotence: The Mölmahao Rebellion on Rotuma (1992)
Download PDF

An analysis of a political uprising in Rotuma and its ultimate failure in the light of traditional symbols of power in Rotuman culture.

Money, Sovereignty and Moral Authority on Rotuma (1996) Download PDF
This essay explores changes in leadership and moral authority on Rotuma. By explicitly comparing Firth's analysis of events on Tikopia with historical changes on Rotuma, I attempt to illuminate some of the key factors that have led to the retention or demise of the moral authority of chiefs in Polynesian cultures as they were incorporated into more encompassing political entities.

Ritual Status and Power Politics in Rotuma (1997) Download PDF
A  case study of the dilemma of Rotuman chiefs, who are caught between a lingering traditionalism and the demands of developing the island's standard of living to the satisfaction of its inhabitants.