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Antecedents to Direction of Male Agressiveness (1963) Download PDF
A  paper based on findings from the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study that took place between 1939 and 1945. The question addressedis "In what ways do the family backgrounds of aggressive delinquent boys differ from aggressive nondelinquent boys?"

Early Familial Experiences and Bigotry (1963) Download PDF
A longitudinal study of the familial genesis of prejudice among lower-class subjects. The findings were uniformly negative, insofar as the familial backgrounds of the openly antagonistic and prejudiced and the apparently tolerant men did not differ significantly on any variable.

Writing and Translating Research for Selected Audiences: Choosing to Communicate (Unpublished Paper) Download PDF
A  plea to students and professional colleagues to write for inclusive rather than exclusive audiences, and a set of recommendations for doing so.

National Character Theory (Unpublished Paper) Download PDF
A  review of national character studies in relation to international considerations, such as war, and trends within anthropology.

Conferences as Environments for Processing Ideas: A Comparison of Contrasting Formats within Anthropology (Unpublished paper, with Alex Mawyer) Download PDF
[An abbreviated version of this paper, titled "Conferences as Ecologies of Ideas: Epistemic Cultures of the Association for Social Anthropology of Oceania," was published in History of Anthropology Review 44, 2020, at]

A History of ASAO Sessions: Formats and Topics (Unpublished paper, with Alex Mawyer)
A history of the ASAO from its earliest beginnings in the late 1960s as the Association for Social Anthropology in Eastern Oceania (inclusive of Polynesia and Micronesia), and its incorporation of Melanesian societies in the early 1970s, until 2017. Download PDF