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Additional Publications by Jan Rensel


In addition to the many articles and book chapters that my wife, Jan Rensel, has co-authored with me regarding Rotuma and Rotumans abroad, she has also written a number of items on her own, including the following:

Housing and Social Relationships on Rotuma (1991) Download PDF
A  review of changes in housing styles, materials, construction and maintenance in the late 20th century and the factors that have created opportunities for housing changes, including a discussion of the implications of these changes for social relationships.

The Fiji Connection: Migrant Involvement in the Economy of Rotuma (1993) Download PDF
An analysis of the Rotuman economy and the role migrants play via remittances and other forms of involvement in maintaining a comfortable standard of living on the island.

For Love or Money? Interhousehold Exchange and the Economy of Rotuma (PhD Dissertation) (1994) Download PDF
A  study of the impact of the introduction of the money economy on inter-household exchange and reciprocity.

Introduction to Home in the Islands (1997) Download PDF
An overview of issues concerning the relationship between culture and housing in the Pacific Islands, with a focus on change.

From Thatch to Cement: Social Implications of Housing Change on Rotuma (1997) Download PDF
This article is concerned with tracing changes in housing on Rotuma, identifying significant factors producing those changes, and exploring the implications for social relationships.

Returning Indigenous Knowledge through Publications Written for Pacific Islands Communities (2007) Download PDF
A  discussion of issues associated with the writing and publishing materials for the communities who
originally provided the information, including decisions as to which kinds of materials to include and which kinds to exclude.