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Rotuma as a Hinterland Community (1961) Download PDF
An analysis of the flow of population, goods and money, and information and ideas between Rotuma and Fiji's urban areas, with observations regarding their effects on the Rotuman community.

Land Tenure And Social Change In Rotuma(1964) Download PDF
A  discussion of the traditional land tenure system in Rotuma and how it has changed as a result of the introduction of a commerical economy.

Culture Change in Rotuma (1966) Download PDF
A  brief article outlining significant changes in Rotuman society from initial contact with Europeans through the mid-twentieth century.

History, Myth and Polynesian Chieftainship: the Case of Rotuman Kings (1985) Download PDF
An account of the traditional Rotuman political system and the origins of authority embedded in myths that reveal a conceptual paradigm that lies at the heart of Rotuman political thought.

Reflections on Change in Rotuma, 1959-1988 (1991) Download PDF
An analysis of the changes that had taken place in Rotuma in the interim between my field work in 1959-60 and my return visits in the late 1980s, including physical, political, demographic, economic, social, and cultural changes.

Martyrs, Progress and Political Ambition: Re-Examining Rotuma's Religious Wars (1994)
Download PDF

Reflections on the contrasting accounts by Methodist ministers, Catholic priests, and Rotuman commentators of the so-called "religious wars" fought in the latter part of the nineteenth century on Rotuma.

Rotuma In The 1990s: From Hinterland To Neighbourhood (1994) Download PDF
An update of my 1961 paper focusing on changes in the flows of population, goods and money, and information and ideas that had taken place between 1959-60 and 1991.

Summary of Rotuma Research, 1987-1991: Report to Rotuma Council and Othrs who Assisted (1994) Download PDF
A report based on census and other public records, historical accounts, prior studies of Rotuman culture and migration, and 12 months of field research on Rotuma between 1987-1991.

Rotuman Seafaring in Historical Perspective (1995) Download PDF
A  description of Rotuman seafaring technology and traditions at the time of European intrusion followed by an account of Rotuman men's engagement on European vessels and its effects on Rotuman culture.

Speak of the Devils: Discourse and Belief in Spirits on Rotuma (1996) Download PDF
An account of Rotumans' engagement with numinal beings and how it had changed between my earlier and subsequent field trips, with particular attention to changes in discourse about spirits and its implications for matters of belief.

Youth in Rotuma Then and Now (1998) Download PDF
An analysis of changes in the subculture of youth between my earlier and later periods of research on Rotuma.

The Recent Rotuman Experience with Christianity (Unpublished Paper) Download PDF
An account of the recent introduction of several new Christian denominations to Rotuma (e.g., Assembly of God, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists) and its implications for social life on the island.