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Adoption and the Significance of Children to Hawaiian Families (1968) Download PDF
An analysis of data collected from Hawaiian homestead communities regarding the pactice of hanai (foterage/adoption), including rates and social implications.

Community Participation (1968) Download PDF
A  discussion of the issues that tend to mobilize Hawaiian communities and an analysis of the conditions that promote unity or fission.

Hawaiian Lifestyle: Some Qualitative Considerations (1968) Download PDF
A  discussion of Hawaiian values as it relates to lifestyle decisions. It is argued that Hawaiians tend to be more affiliation oriented than achievement oriented, from which it follows that most Hawaiians
will choose to honor a commitment to a friend, provide aid to another person, seek out situations of good fellowship, and so forth, before they will choose personal economic gain.

A Qualitative Analysis of Family Development (1968) Download PDF
An essay describing in generalized terms the typical life-cycle development of Hawaiian families from infancy through to  marriage, and illustrating that such events as children being born to non-legal unions are parts of a distinctive marital pattern rather than indices of social pathology.

Independence Training Among Hawaiians: A Cross-Cultural Study (1969) Download PDF
A  comparative study of Haole and Hawaiian mothers regarding training for independence, with the finding that Hawaiian mothers expected independence earlier than Haole mothers, with the result that Hawaiian children are less likely to seek help from adults, including teachers.

Traditional and Modern Hawaiian Adoption Patterns in Hawaii (1970) Download PDF
A  discussion of traditional Hawaiian adoption patterns, including motives for adoption, as well as modern practices utilizing data fromhousehold questionnaires from four Hawaiian Homestead communities on Oahu.

Education in 'Aina Pumehana: The Hawaiian-American Student as Hero (1973) Download PDF
In this paper I argue that more than any other institution, the schools are purveyors of a set of values in conflict with those held by the families of most Hawaiian-Americans, and that the resistance of Hawaiian children to the imposition of the typical school's regimen is a form of cultural heroism.

Aspects of Self-Esteem among Hawaiian-Americans of the Parental Generation (1974) Download PDF
An analysis of finding in response to two basic research questions: (I) What types of variables are the main determinants of self-esteem amongHawaiian-Americans? and (2) To what extent is self-esteem a determinant of the overall social-psychological adaptation of Hawaiian-Americans?

Hawaiians (1980) Download PDF
A  brief encyclopedia article summarizing aspects of traditional Hawaiian society, key events in the history of the islands following European intrusion, as well as aspects of modern social and political life.