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The Power To Heal In Colonial Rotuma (1979) Download PDF
This paper focuses on change and persistence in Rotuman healing practices resulting from prolonged contact with Europeans.The focus is on the interaction that took place between colonial administrators advocating Western medical innovations and Rotumans adhering to cultural tradition.

The Place of Persons with Disabilities in Rotuman Society (1997) Download PDF
In this paper we make the case that In Rotuma, as in many other small, face-to-face societies, persons with disabilities are treated not as members of categories based on their conditions, but as
individuals having whole constellations of characteristics and interpersonal histories.

Extreme Mortality After First Introduction of Measles Virus to the Polynesian Island of Rotuma, 1911 (2011) Download PDF
An article documenting the high mortality during a measles epidemic that afflicted Rotuma in 1911, typifying the experiences of isolated populations after first encounters with measles.

Measles Epidemics of Variable Lethality in the Early 20th Century (2013) Download PDF
Searching for insights regarding measles mortality rates, we review historical records of measles
epidemics on Rotuma (in 1911) Download PDF, in Boer War concentration camps (in 1900–1902), and in US Army mobilization camps during the FirstWorldWar (in 1917–1918).