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This website is a repository for the articles and book chapters I have published from 1960 up to the present (2018). I began my career as an ethnographer in 1959 on the island of Rotuma, in Fiji, where I spent a year; I then spent an additional year among Rotumans who had migrated to urban centers in other parts of Fiji. After an interval of some twenty-six years, during which I conducted research among Hawaiian-Americans on the island of Oahu, I returned to Rotuma in 1987 with my anthropologist wife, Jan Rensel, and began a new, extended period of research both on Rotuma and among Rotumans who have migrated to Fiji and various destinations abroad.

In addition to my ethnographic research among Rotumans and Hawaiian-Americans, I have authored or coauthored essays on a variety of social science topics, including theoretical overviews, methodology, and population issues, as well as Polynesian topics. Many of my writings have been coauthored with colleagues from a range of disciplines, including sociologists, psychologists, linguists, epidemiologists, physical anthropologists, and cultural anthropologists. I have also had the privilege of collaborating with several Rotuman scholars, with whom I have copublished. Since 1987, Jan and I have been collaborators on most of our Rotuman projects and have coauthored a number of articles and book chapters, as well as a book, Island Legacy: A History of the Rotuman People (2007).

I retired from teaching in 1999 but have been actively engaged in research and publishing until the present, in addition to creating and managing websites--most importantly, the Rotuma Website, which I created in 1996 and continue to manage.